Economic Thought, the online-based journal of the World Economics Association, accepts article submissions from scholars working in the history of economic thought, economic history, methodology of economics and philosophy of economics.

We publish two issues each year. Access is free. Submitted papers that meet acceptable standards of professional quality will be posted on the journal’s Open Peer Discussion Forum in order to solicit comments and discussion. Some papers will then be selected for publication in the journal. Where there is a comment on any of these papers, which is an extended commentary and of sufficient quality, the editors may, at their discretion, decide to publish it alongside the relevant paper.

Following the launch of the World Economics Association in 2011, Economic Thought began accepting submissions in January 2012.

Aims and scope

In line with the objectives of the World Economics Association, the journal seeks to support and advance interdisciplinary research that investigates the potential links between economics and other disciplines, as well as contributions that challenge the divide between normative and positive approaches. Contributions from outside the mainstream debates in the history and philosophy of economics are also encouraged. In particular, the journal seeks to promote research that draws on a broad range of cultural and intellectual traditions.

Economic Thought accepts article submissions from scholars working in

  • history of economic thought
  • economic history
  • methodology of economics
  • philosophy of economics

We welcome articles addressing any aspects of these fields with an emphasis on original and path-breaking research.