The Meaning and Future of Heterodox Economics: A Response to Lynne Chester

Geoffrey M Hodgson


I have been writing and publishing in economics for 50 years and much of my work has been debated and criticised. But I think that this is the first time that someone has honoured me by a full-scale article criticising an unpublished working paper. I am very grateful to Lynne Chester for bringing the questions I raise to a wider audience.

The working paper that she criticizes went through several versions, of which the 12 July 2017 draft that Lynne downloaded from the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR) website is not the final version. In addition, the working paper has now expanded into a book entitled Is There a Future for Heterodox Economics? (Hodgson, 2019). Lynne’s criticisms help me to attempt to make the text clearer and deal with some misunderstandings that have arisen…

Published on 7th June, 2019, in Economic Thought Vol 8, No 1, 2019